Tuesday, April 12, 2011


My friends from my drawing group were talking about drawing with your non-dominant hand, or if you are really good, your feet.  I thought I would give it a try.  Drawing with my feet was a disaster, as I could hardly manage to keep the pencil between my toes. Though if any of you are feeling adventurous, it is a fun experiment.
My right-handed drawing was more successful.
It feels really strange because my brain still knows what to do, as far as proportion and line and shadow go, but I do not have much control over my hand. I like the looseness and spontaneity, but details and faces are next to impossible.

Here is one more, with my left (dominant) hand.

In other news, the spring art shows are coming up. I have a few almost-finished oil paintings that I am excited about. Hopefully they will be ready to enter into shows and share with you soon.

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